CloudConnect: Breaking down Barriers to Cloud Entry

Michael Guigli, Managing Partner and CTO
Applications form the backbone of organizations today, helping them drive their business by connecting with their end-users. However, the vast majority of applications businesses rely on are not cloud native. Cognizant of this fact, Boston-based CloudConnect is taking businesses to the next level with its powerful suite of cloud solutions. The company’s unique selling proposition lies in enabling businesses to run existing Windows and Linux-based applications in the cloud without having to alter the applications or source code of the programs they use to run their business. CloudConnect’s solutions break down barriers to cloud entry, and for non-native cloud applications, the company essentially replicates the existing favorable environment for the application and makes that application usable for the end-users. “Our unique application delivery solution makes it easy for the end-users to interact with these applications as if they are running them locally when actually they are running it in the cloud. This approach also favors data security along with performance and diversity of devices used by end-users to access their business applications,” explains Michael Guigli, Managing Partner and CTO, CloudConnect.

CloudConnect focuses on bringing cost-effective, turnkey cloud solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, which have complex IT environment running hybrid cloud scenarios and lack adequate resources and the rich expertise for moving to the cloud. “We have mastered the hybrid cloud and the smooth migration options so that customers can co-exist with the cloud infrastructure and ultimately transition to a total cloud solution,” Guigli adds.

While undergoing the transition, Guigli points out, most organizations confront issues related to network latency, wherein poor internet connectivity hinders the usability and reliability of Windows or Linux based applications running on Cloud Platforms such as VMware vCloud. “It’s not enough to have a dedicated MPLS circuit between your campus network and your Cloud Provider. Mobile users such as telecommuters, and field workers rely on mobile data connections and need the same user experience as the campus users, otherwise a Company cannot successfully transition to the Cloud,” explains Guigli. CloudConnect’s integrated Citrix ICA solution solves this problem, enabling businesses to transition all of their workloads to the most trusted virtualization solution—the VMware platform. CloudConnect brings to table years of experience of working in the trenches with VMware and provides a seamless way for end-users to connect and interact with the applications running on VMware. The flexible networking capabilities of the CloudConnect platform allow customers to have access to TCP/IP transport, which includes mechanisms such as VPN, SDN, and NFV. “We work strictly with IT professionals, extenuating the networking challenges associated with the process of transferring data from a hybrid system to a cloud-based environment,” explains Guigli.

CloudConnect works closely with a network of IT consultants, ISVs, and managed services providers to distribute their platform to end-user organizations across the country. Built on VMware vCloud Director, CloudConnect's MSP Cloud leverages the VMware vSphere infrastructure technology as well as NSX for SDN.

Our unique application delivery solution makes it easy for the end-users to interact with these applications as if they are running them locally when actually they are running it in the cloud

These technologies from VMware comprises comprehensive APIs, which enable CloudConnect’s solutions to automate the deployment process for customers and ensure that the partner quotes match to what is being provisioned on the cloud. The framework comprises private and multi-tenant domains, designed for different requirements of the MSP/ISV partners and their clients.

CloudConnect operates on a simple allocation-based pricing model. Clients achieve long-term price stability in the Cloud because CloudConnect does not charge fees for bandwidth or usage-based metrics (overages). Additionally, most functionalities are pre-configured or pre-coded, reducing the cost of entry.“Our IQMAP cloud services blueprinting tool allows integrated quotation management as well as provisioning,” says Guigli. CloudConnect also provides a proprietary Active Directory-integrated passive allocation model for automatically licensing Microsoft applications in the Cloud. This approach ensures cost efficiency for both IaaS and SaaS licensing while keeping customers current with upgrade rights for the latest software. This is an essential precursor to leveraging CloudConnect’s orchestrated in-place OS upgrade technology. “What makes CloudConnect unique is that we are committed to simplifying the full lifecycle management of customer workloads. We want our clients to not be surprised with upgrade or transition costs as operating systems and applications age. By investing in upgrade and maintenance automation, our MSP and ISV partners are delivering true cost-predictability with no surprises to their end users.”

In an instance, a medical billing company, using an outdated IT infrastructure, approached a CloudConnect reseller partner. However, the organization’s main objective was reducing the downtime of the migration of data from an on-premise environment to the cloud. Leveraging CloudConnect’s Private Domain Model, the organization seamlessly transitioned to a cloud solution, empowering the client to conduct operations from a remote location with secure access to the data.

Scripting similar success stories, CloudConnect aims to integrate its patented automated provisioning and lifecycle management technology with additional cloud computing fabrics such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. “We are focused on enabling our partners to deliver real solutions to their customers; solutions that are turnkey and address real IT challenges by leveraging our expertise and our partners in the MSP and ISV space,” concludes Guigli.


Natick, MA

Michael Guigli, Managing Partner and CTO and Dennis Archibald, VP& COO and Evan Sullivan, Chief Software Architect

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