NewPush: Driving Business through Reliable Cloud Technology

Balazs Nagy, CTO and René Sotola, CEO
Cloud computing has emerged as the battle cry for global businesses, and the widening cybersecurity threat is accelerating the process. As more cyberattacks today are executed as a well-planned software projects, there is a rising concern among the businesses about the security of their data on premises and beyond their corporate perimeter. More businesses today aim to extend their in-house security and compliance policies to their cloud implementations. As a versatile cloud platform, VMware excels as the recourse for companies to easily replicate their on-premises security compliance measures across their cloud infrastructure, enabling them to quell cyberattacks and embrace cloud with confidence. We sat down to discuss some of these challenges with the leaders of NewPush, a VMware partner leveraging VMware’s technologies. NewPush is scripting greater cloud success stories by offering intuitive SaaS security offerings that become a natural extension of VMware capabilities. “We notice that businesses that can operate their cloud environments within their specification, are more comfortable with their security posture, which is a game changer,” notes Balazs Nagy, CTO of NewPush.

Citing the incidences such as Wikileaks and Panama paper leaks, René Sotola, CEO, NewPush highlights that “While most companies focus on external threats, internal threats are just as important and need to be dealt with effectively.” This pressing need to better manage the identity in an enterprise gives natural rise to extend limited on-premises Identity Management solutions. Being able to manage Identity Governance Risk and Compliance (iGRC) across applications, and across locations (on premise or in the cloud) provides a relieve to teams tasked with the security in the enterprise. As a result, NewPush’s iGRC as a SaaS service—in partnership with Brainwave—provides a safety net as well as opportunities to reduce operational costs. “Customers can leverage our Identity Management offering to turn their security compliance into a competitive advantage.”

Sotola points out that an IT system is only as secure as its weakest point (software vulnerability). While businesses, across sizes, focus on the security and compliance of their network and server implementations, they often overlook the open source software stack—what he terms as the Bill of Materials (BOM)—in their infrastructure.
To this end, NewPush, in partnership with CGI, offers CGI TestSavvy as a SaaS solution, Testing as a Service, through which manual testers can create and run automated scripts using GUIs, thus saving time and cost. The novelty here is that the tried and true methods of software development and now DevOps become available for cloud security, streamlining software patching and security configuration changes by allowing operations to detect any application issues that might arise after routine maintenance.

Customers can leverage our Identity Governance Risk and Compliance offering to turn their security compliance into a competitive advantage

In the wake of high profile attacks, such as the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, Balazs Nagy, CTO, highlights NewPush leverages the technology offered by Veeam, a premium backup solution provider for VMware infrastructure, configured at NewPush to use a specific API to connect to the backup storage. This technique decouples backup storage from operational storage, adds resiliency and enhances trust in backup maintenance and recovery as the backup remains invisible for ransomware attacks. NewPush has leveraged its VMware and Veeam expertise to enable a prominent networking company to build a secure and scalable wireless access management solution, as a SaaS offering, for its Enterprise customers. With centralized management through VMware technologies and the promise of Veeam for backups, its’ client has achieved greater business growth.

Established in 1999, NewPush’s prime offerings are built on VMware, and include virtual servers—for both private and hybrid cloud—and Software as a Service enabling customers to have stronger control over their environments. The company flagship SaaS products running on VMware are its iGRC as a Service and Automated Testing as a Service. In all its customer engagements, the company focuses on minimizing time and cost in leveraging cloud technologies, delivering maximum uptime and greater resiliency. Reliability remains the hallmark of its comprehensive cloud portfolio.


Denver, CO

Balazs Nagy, CTO and René Sotola, CEO

Provides a range of cybersecurity SaaS solutions that can be integrated with its rich suite of IaaS offerings based on VMware infrastructure