Ensono: Innovation Enablers in Hybrid IT Services

Oliver Presland, VP, Global Product Management
Dressed in their best attire, the Ensono team exhibited a hint of pride and confidence as it received the VMware vCAN Partner of the Year Award at VMware’s UK and Ireland Partner Recognition Dinner. The company’s ascension to this success can be credited for delivering one-stop hybrid IT and governance solutions, having access to all of the high availability capabilities within the VMware stack such as Site Recovery Manager (SRM), High Availability (HA), and vMotion. “Ensono’s custom applications for hybrid IT, cloud, and managed infrastructure like Ensono M.O., in conjunction with the VMware stack, enables the capabilities that provide disaster recovery options to keep businesses resilient,” states Oliver Presland, Ensono’s VP of Global Product Management.

Ensono assists organizations with their VMware environment transformation on an ‘as-needed’ basis— from cloud to mainframe. Fostering a partnership that spans well over a decade, Ensono allows seamless VMware connection within the Ensono Cloud—a flexible and secure managed infrastructure environment, and within a mainframe or a midrange environment. By using VMware’s NSX network virtualization, Ensono ensures a seamless application transition to an alternative site in the event of an infrastructure failure, conforming to the RTO and RPO requirements. In addition, Ensono leverages SRM to coordinate storage replication and have advanced automation to improve availability and resilience of applications with a BCDR solution. As a result, the company completely eliminates the need to reconfigure the application when it fails over to the second site in a disaster recovery (DR) event. At its core, Ensono embraces VMware’s SDDC vision to build an advanced virtualized networked environment for customers that takes full advantage of the benefits of SDN.

With nearly half a century of expertise, Ensono’s core competency is rooted in its ability to meet current and future IT virtualization needs. The company is built on the belief that continuous education drives innovation. “Curiosity is one of Ensono’s core values, which is why we are so dedicated to ‘the art of the possible’,” says Presland.

Our goal is to help clients operate for today and optimize for tomorrow

Ensono encourages its associates to find unexpected connections and unprecedented creative solutions for its clients and each other. The company also boasts a team of nineteen engineers with the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification—one of the most eminent achievements in the cloud industry.

Harnessing the unique combination of certified engineers and groundbreaking innovation, Ensono leverages the collaboration, support, and engagement with VMware to design, build, and manage complex cloud platforms in a seamless fashion. “Whether it’s leveraging the power of the cloud or modernizing legacy technologies for digital transformation, our goal is to help clients operate for today and optimize for tomorrow,” adds Presland. In order to make that happen, Ensono’s associates and leaders are constantly looking at new technologies within cloud management platforms such as VMware, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. Focused on business outcomes, security, scalability, and availability, Ensono has the expertise to keep aging hardware and multiple operating systems running optimally, maximizing their client’s budget, and enabling their IT staff to think strategically.

As the IT outsourcing market continues to grow, Ensono is expanding its footprint to meet the global market demands. Showcasing prowess and growth in the VM sector, Ensono’s recent UK acquisitions have extended the company’s support to clients in Europe. Furthermore, Ensono is creating more hyperscale cloud opportunities to support a variety of holistic hybrid IT solutions through AWS and Microsoft Azure, and is also focusing on the development of applications around analytics, artificial intelligence, and other upcoming technologies. Ensono looks forward to establish their position as the industry leader, and propagate their ‘UK expertise’ throughout North America and new geographical locations worldwide.


Downers Grove, IL

Oliver Presland, VP, Global Product Management

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