Annexus Technologies: IT Solutions Built on Customer Centricity

Andrew N. Griffiths, Founder & CEO
Andrew N. Griffiths, Founder and CEO of Annexus Technologies established his company with a different vision than most of his counterparts in the industry: the principles of customer satisfaction. During his stint in the telecommunication industry, working across development and implementation of IT strategic plans, Andrew discovered that most of the IT solution providers are focused just on profits around pushing specific technologies to clients, rather than understanding their needs. Headquartered in Lauderdale Lakes, FL, Annexus fills this gap today by strategically delivering services across virtualization, security, and disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. The company analyzes their customers’ environment, goals, pain points, and then formulates innovative IT solutions that not only meet customer requirements, but also are scalable and sustainable.

The uniqueness of Annexus Technologies lies with their highly skilled and proficient team, which has expertise in designing, planning, and deploying industry-specific virtualization and cloud computing solutions. A major part of these services leverages the company’s partnership with VMware, for supporting the seamless deployment of virtual desktop infrastructure on the customer’s sites to maximize infrastructure and application uptime. “By being a solutions partner with VMware, we are able to develop a multitude of game changing IT solutions and infrastructures across the industry,” affirms Andrew.

This brings in a host of benefits to clients, especially to balance the ‘cost-performance’ equation within infrastructures. “When it comes to cost saving initiatives within an organization, IT departments are often the primary target, limiting their ability to use advanced and latest technologies to support infrastructure,” says Andrew. With the help of VMware’s desktop virtualization solutions, Annexus can simulate customer’s legacy hardware and create a virtual system, which can access data from anywhere, anytime, providing scalability and greater efficiency. The virtualization can be performed on servers, storage, and networks as well, which can contribute to the efficiency and agility of businesses. This not only reduces customer’s power and cooling requirements, but also the total cost of ownership while enhancing application performance, migration processes, and ultimately ROI.

By being a solutions partner with VMware, we are able to develop a multitude of game changing IT solutions and infrastructures across the industry

Going beyond desktop virtualization to deliver holistic, end-to-end solutions to the customers, Annexus extends its partnership with enterprise giants like Dell that aid them in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Leveraging the partnership, Annexus delivers clients with better data storage and computational capability across multiple locations. All these initiatives are underpinned by tight security using a next-generation firewall solution from Palo Alto Networks. This provides Annexus with complete visibility and precise control over customer’s network traffic, to protect them from unknown threats.

Andrew elucidates a scenario, where one particular investment bank in Jamaica faced issues with their physical infrastructure. With unwanted investments in their infrastructure and few people in the team to manage issues, the client was struggling with mounting expenses. Engaging with the client, Annexus Technologies analyzed the issues to figure out that the investment bank had a plethora of solutions tailored for them. However, a reluctance to shift entirely towards a cloud-based model was causing the problem. Annexus resolved their issue by creating a private cloud, and implemented Zerto as the primary Business Continuity solution; this reduced RPO, RTO, and OpEx, while improving data consistency and retention—no sleepless nights.

For the future, Annexus Technologies aims to stick with the customer-centric approach along the path of innovation, by understanding customer requirements first and then delivering valuable solutions. This, the company believes, will eventually create be a win-win situation for them as well as their customers.

Annexus Technologies

Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Andrew N. Griffiths, Founder & CEO

Provides IT consultative services across wide range of solutions including virtualization

Annexus Technologies