AdvizeX: Dynamic Virtualization for Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications

Fred Traversi, Chairman & CEO
CIOs today are probing for the most pre-eminent ways to manage the complexity of the IT challenges they face. Issues such as data security, server sprawl, the need for consolidation, automation, and virtualization are crucial to meeting the levels of productivity, efficiency, and reliability that competitive markets demand. Virtualized data centers enable enterprises to attain maximum performance from a minimum of hardware and software, reducing IT cost and complexity. “AdvizeX understands the complexities of virtualization and helps enterprises achieve the simplicity that a virtual data center can offer,” says Fred Traversi, Chairman and CEO, AdvizeX.
AdvizeX’s Virtualization solution consolidates multiple virtual machines onto individual servers and reduces the company’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of maintaining and supporting physical equipment and servers. AdvizeX, in partnership with VMware, provides clients with not only the expertise and depth of knowledge required to implement an appropriate virtualization strategy, but also the right support and management tools to harness the full benefits of the technology.

AdvizeX leverages its partnership with the industry’s leading virtualization companies including EMC, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware to deliver top-notch solutions. “Our experience and deep vendor relationship allows us to offer a full breadth of virtualization options for greater flexibility and better cost containment,” shares Traversi. In the days to come, AdvizeX plans to architect VMware products that might help harness the healthcare application portfolio: App Volumes. This product will provide a scalable platform for in-time application delivery.


Chicago, IL

Fred Traversi, Chairman & CEO

Provider of information and technology infrastructure and enterprise application solutions