Microland: Enabling IT Infrastructure Transformation with VMware Technology

Though desktop virtualization is very much prevalent in all the organizations, companies haven’t tapped the full potential of IT infrastructure virtualization and abstraction, which in turn reduces the chance of improving the efficiency of IT infrastructure. “The key challenge we have witnessed is that, a lot of enterprises do not differentiate between plain virtualization and private cloud and hence do not strategize their journey to a ‘services-led’ IT organization, across on-premise, private cloud and public cloud infrastructure. Due to this, they miss out on agility and efficiency related benefits. A comprehensive hybrid IT management, with IT delivered as a Service, is what we believe will benefit enterprises in the long term,” states M. S. Rangaraj, Chief Innovation Officer of Microland. Microland, a global IT infrastructure services firm, brings about a transformational ‘services-led’ approach to enterprises with its complete portfolio of Transformation & Hybrid IT Management services.

The company partners with VMware to transform enterprises into an agile environment to produce better outcomes. “With VMware, we deliver solutions around cloud automation and management using vCloud Automation Center, vCenter Orchestrator and App Director. We are completely aligned with VMware’s vision of Software Defined Datacenter,” says Rangaraj. Microland’s Hybrid IT transformation also drives companies to scale new heights by taking advantage of a ‘cloud first’ strategy appropriately. This enables them to conceptualize and balance Hybrid IT environments on cloud as well as on virtualization platform vigorously.

“We collaboratively work with technology providers to meet the industry requirements, and as a service provider we enhance their offerings to stay ahead in the market with innovative solutions,”shares Rangaraj.
Microland works to bring out the best from a technology portfolio through a clear understanding of the customer requirements. For instance, a global mobile insurance major, based in the U.S, sought to reduce time taken to onboard partners and bring in agility and efficiency in release management. “Based on VMware vCloud suite of products, Microland used customization, integration and automation and brought about significant business agility for the client while ensuring PCI compliance. This helped to reduce time taken to onboard partners from more than about 50 days to less than 2 days,” says Rangaraj.

This solution also saved in excess of US $1 million per annum in just manpower costs by enabling a DevOps platform for the client. Microland is one of the few focused players globally in the IT infrastructure services space who started Remote Infrastructure Management Service more than a dozen years ago and has a unique point of view on how new technologies are changing the CIOs’ world. Unlike most of the VMware partners, the firm stitches together solutions around VMware product suite which are critical to solve customer problems and also maximize the benefits from a VMware solution implementation.“We always look beyond technology provider’s point of view to serve our customers as technology is going to impact all IT services. Our methodologies, frameworks, and accelerators are widely used for numerous services, enabling the best practices to be delivered in hybrid IT environment,” shares P. N. Bhatta, VP Marketing. Commenting on the firm’s future prospects, Bhatta says, “We are excited by the possibilities for our customers to become more agile and efficient by taking advantage of the changing technology landscape and we look forward to partnering them in this transformative journey.”


San Jose, CA

MS Rangaraj, CIO P N Bhatta, VP Marketing

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