International Integrated Solutions: Great teaming with VMware makes technology accessible for our customers to address their business challenges

CIO VendorFrank Seiferth, Senior Director-Strategic Business Development
At International Integrated Solutions, Ltd., (IIS) partner teaming is not only their business model, but their passion and that sentiment was clearly articulated by Frank Seiferth, Senior Director of Strategic Business Development. As a sports enthusiast, he develops partner strategies and plays to win. Frank has conditioned his team to understand the VMware solution set and leverage those innovative technologies to solve customer problems.

“What I extract from my hobby is being open to learning and being prepared to play the game. You cannot start a business without knowing what the objectives are, who is on the playing field and what it will take to win. For IIS, winning is all about solving customers IT challenges and making a material contribution to their business. As a team, we need to be geared up,” says Seiferth. This approach is driving IIS, on its road to excellence in delivering data center modernization and cloud solutions based on VMware software and technologies.

As a Premier VMware partner, IIS has been prominent at providing large scale, mission critical virtualization solutions. The company’s consultants carrytoplevel VMware certifications along with project management expertise to manage even the most complex applications. “By virtualizing infrastructure - from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices - VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere,” says Seiferth.

In technology, like any other business, the game is constantly changing. Daily there are new entrants to the market and keeping up to speed with the offering landscape can be very complex and confusing. Our challenge is to help our clients choose the right solution for their organization that addresses their business needs and fits within their budget.

“As a solution provider, we take pride in knowing that our customers make an educated decision. As a result, we invest in customer discovery
and modeling to determine the right solution based on their organizations ability to adopt the technology."

IIS has celebrated its 25 years of uninterrupted business with a long list of clients in Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and State and Local Government. They are adept at problem solving by analyzing the customer environment and finding the root cause for the problem and providing a thoughtful solution. They help clients develop operational procedures to maintain the solution, along with offering scheduled health checks.

Recently, IIS increased a renowned food retailer’s flexibility and responsiveness with a fast and reliable solution. IIS erected a right-sized infrastructure in a very short time frame, allowing the retailer to provision and create servers as needed in ten minutes instead of two hours. The solution maintained performance, allowing end users efficient access to the information they need. As a result, the IT staff was able to shift its attention to other revenue-generating projects. The virtualized server farm also provided the client with benefits – both environmental and bottom line.

IIS takes pride in having a strong support infrastructure. They have 3 technical resources to every sales professional. “The reason our clients choose us is because we guide them not only from project inception through completion, but also the life of our partnership. We go to the depth of the problems faced by clients and give them the appropriate solution through our knowledge of VMware products,” says Octavio Diaz, Cloud Practice Manager.

For the road ahead IIS is thinking about growth. “We had a good year in 2013 and want to maintain our traction of strengthening our relationship with current customers and expanding our base by solving more customer problems by developing solutions with our VMware partner. We have expanded beyond our traditional roots, and now we have become a true solution provider. Just like virtualization and cloud solutions are evolving, we want to evolve with the best of technology and provide the finest solutions,” concludes Seiferth.

International Integrated Solutions

Plainview, NY

Frank Seiferth, Senior Director-Strategic Business Development and Octavio Diaz, Cloud and Virtualization Practice Manager

Provider of mission critical virtualization VMware solutions for complex IT problems.