Quality of Service (QOS) With Tintri VM-Aware Storage

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Quality of Service (QOS) With Tintri VM-Aware Storage

Redefine the Quality of Service (QoS) with storage industry’s first and only technology that guarantees VM-level performance and eliminate contention between virtualized applications.

This white paper talks about using Tintri’s per-VMQoS solution to deliver performance Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and contain ‘noisy neighbors’ in a virtualized data center.

Through this white paper on “Quality of Service (QoS) With Tintri VM-Aware Storage,” readers will:

  • Discover how to use per VM-Aware Storage Quality of Service to configure and manage different tiers of services based on their customers’ service tiers, performance requirements, and budget

  • See examples of how to apply Quality of Service policies to manage mix workloads for different customers, with different service level requirements

  • Learn how Tintri’s Global Center is a single pane of glass that can be used to manage multiple VM stores and improve the quality of services

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